Logo of Line 2 of the Lima Metro

When is Line 2 of the Lima Metro Going to Open?

Line 2 of the Lima Metro has been under construction since 2015, and yet it feels like we’re nowhere closer to hitching a ride on Lima’s first subway system. When can we expect Line 2 of the Lima Metro to open? And what sort of impact will it have on the city?

The History of Line 2

For those who don’t know, Lima’s Metro started all the way back in the 80s. Alan Garcia originally ordered the project, only for the first line of the system to run out of funding. The “train to nowhere” dangled bent rebar over Avenida Aviacion for decades.

I remember seeing those unfinished tracks when I first arrived. Eventually, Presidente Garcia retook the work in his final term as Peru’s head of state. Line 1, the above-ground train running north to south, would open in 2011. Its subsequent extension in 2014 led to calls to construct a full metro system.

The same plans from the original project in the 80s are being using to develop Lima’s Metro. So, where is Line 2 going to be?

The Path of Line 2

Line 2 starts out in Ate near the district’s municipal building. It’ll continue west across the city, cutting through Santa Anita until reaching important junctions such as Evitamiento and Circunvalacion. From there, it zags north and passes through La Victoria and the Center of Lima.

The subway line will connect with the central station in downtown, where the Metropolitano buses dive underground. From here, it’ll work its way past Breña and through Callao until it reaches La Punta.

The same company who received the contract to construct line 2 is also going to build the last leg of line 4. Line 4 will connect one of the Line 2 stops to Lima’s airport.

How Much of Line 2 has Been Built?

Line 2 has, finally, started to make real progress. Districts and the state failed to hand over the property needed to build stations in time. That caused a lot of setbacks. However, 5 stations have been built, and nearly 5km of tunnel has been constructed.

So far, the eastern-most leg has received the most attention. The goal is for the first half of the line to be ready for use in 2021. This would take passengers from Ate to 28 de Julio, which is where the line is supposed to connect with Line 1 of the Lima Metro.

However, recent statements suggest that this may not happen until 2022. We may only see the line provide service from Ate to Evitamiento until then.

How Will Line 2 of the Lima Metro Affect Transportation?

Line 1 was a huge success as it gave Limeños in the north access to the center of the city. It reduced transportation times significantly for many users, much like the Metropolitano.

Line 2 is expected to have a similar impact. With 10 trains ordered, and several already having arrived, it’ll be able to move over 10,000 passengers simultaneously at just half capacity! There are also proposals to extend it further into the Lima provinces, which could make for some interesting suburban living options. It’ll also give people an alternative to driving with the Pico y Placa rules.

Keep in mind that some streets, such as the Carretera Central, will be closed at times to allow for construction of stations and stairways. Most recently, a few blocks of Av. Colonial were shut down for this very reason.

However, Line 2 is unlikely to affect the vast majority of people visiting Peru as tourists. It may reduce some traffic in town, but the line doesn’t connect to San Isidro, Miraflores, or even eastern residential areas like San Borja or Surco.

You’ll have to wait for the complete Line 4, if that ever gets approved, to really put the subway to use in Lima. In the meantime, feel free to keep on cabbing it as you visit Lima’s best tourist destinations.